Zvizzer HC4000 Heavy Cut Scratch Remover Compound

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Coarse-grained, modern grinding polish for fast processing of heavily weathered paints. Due to the amount and the very homogenous abrasive grain, this sanding polish ensures a fast and high sanding performance for the reliable removal of scratches and sanding marks from a grain size of P1500. Can be used on ALL (including scratch-resistant) fresh and cured paints. Silicone and solvent-free.

For processing we recommend the red polishing pad or Woolpad. Apply sufficient amount of HC 4000 to the paint defect / surface or polishing sponge. Distribute evenly over the defect at a low speed (approx. 1.000 rpm), speed to approx. 1.800 rpm. increase and polish off the flaw with light pressure.

NOTE: Always use a clean polishing pad to avoid unnecessary damage to surfaces. A safety data sheetis available on request.

Application with: Polish pad (red/hard)

Weight N/A

250 ml, 750 ml


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