Zvizzer FC2000 Fine Cut Hologram Remover Compound

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Anti-hologram polish to effectively remove holograms. Intelligent, self-grinding alumina abrasive grains of the latest generation guarantee a 100% hologram-free paint surface. Free of solvents and silicone – purely water-based. Can be used on ALL (including scratch-resistant) fresh and cured paints.

For processing we recommend the yellow polishing pad. Apply sufficient amount of FC 2000 to the polishing sponge or the paint surface, spread at low speed (about 1.000 rpm) on the defect and at about 1.600 rpm. and moderate pressure.

NOTE: Always use a clean polishing pad to avoid unnecessary damage to surfaces. A safety data sheet is available on request.

Application with: Polish pad (yellow/soft)

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250 ml, 750 ml


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